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ARM Compiler armasm User Guide : VQDMULL (by vector or by scalar)

VQDMULL (by vector or by scalar)

Vector Saturating Doubling Multiply Long.


VQDMULL{cond}.datatype Qd, Dn, Dm

VQDMULL{cond}.datatype Qd, Dn, Dm[x]



is an optional condition code.


must be either S16 or S32.

Qd, Dn

are the destination vector and the first operand vector.


is the vector holding the second operand, for a by vector operation.


is the scalar holding the second operand, for a by scalar operation.


VQDMULL multiplies corresponding elements in two vectors, doubles the results and places the results in the destination register.

The second operand can be a scalar instead of a vector.

If any of the results overflow, they are saturated. The sticky QC flag (FPSCR bit[27]) is set if saturation occurs.

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