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Root execution regions and the ABSOLUTE attribute

You can use the ABSOLUTE attribute to specify root execution regions.

Specify ABSOLUTE as the attribute for the execution region, either explicitly or by permitting it to default, and use the same address for the first execution region and the enclosing load region.

To make the execution region address the same as the load region address, either:

  • Specify the same numeric value for both the base address for the execution region and the base address for the load region.

  • Specify a +0 offset for the first execution region in the load region.

    If an offset of zero (+0) is specified for all subsequent execution regions in the load region, then all execution regions not following an execution region containing ZI are also root regions.


The following example shows an implicitly defined root region:

LR_1 0x040000          ; load region starts at 0x40000   
{                      ; start of execution region descriptions      
    ER_RO 0x040000     ; load address = execution address
        * (+RO)        ; all RO sections (must include section with 
                       ; initial entry point)
    …                ; rest of scatter-loading description

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