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Components of an input section description

The components of an input section description allow you to identify the parts of an ELF file that are to be placed in an execution region.

An input section description identifies input sections by:

  • Module name (object filename, library member name, or library filename). The module name can use wildcard characters.
  • Input section name, type, or attributes such as READ-ONLY, or CODE. You can use wildcard characters for the input section name.
  • Symbol name.

The following figure shows the components of a typical input section description.

Figure 8-4 Components of an input section description


Ordering in an execution region does not affect the ordering of sections in the output image.

Input section descriptions when linking partially-linked objects

You cannot specify partially-linked objects in an input section description, only the combined object file.

For example, if you link the partially linked objects obj1.o, obj2.o, and obj3.o together to produce obj_all.o, the component object names are discarded in the resulting object. Therefore, you cannot refer to one of the objects by name, for example, obj1.o. You can refer only to the combined object obj_all.o.