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ARM Compiler armlink User Guide : Reading a symdefs file

Reading a symdefs file

symdefs file can be considered as an object file with symbol information but no code or data.

To read a symdefs file, add it to your file list as you do for any object file. The linker reads the file and adds the symbols and their values to the output symbol table. The added symbols have ABSOLUTE and GLOBAL attributes.

If a partial link is being performed, the symbols are added to the output object symbol table. If a full link is being performed, the symbols are added to the image symbol table.

The linker generates error messages for invalid rows in the file. A row is invalid if:

  • Any of the columns are missing.

  • Any of the columns have invalid values.

The symbols extracted from a symdefs file are treated in exactly the same way as symbols extracted from an object symbol table. The same restrictions apply regarding multiple symbol definitions.


The same function name or symbol name cannot be defined in both A32 code and in T32 code.

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