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ARM Compiler armlink User Guide : --pltgot_opts=mode


Controls the generation of Procedure Linkage Table (PLT) entries for weak references and function calls to relocatable targets within the same file.


Not supported for AArch64 state.



Where mode is one of the following:

Calls to and from a load region marked RELOC go by way of the PLT.
Calls to and from a load region marked RELOC do not generate PLT entries.
Generates a NOP for a function call, or zero for data. No PLT entry is generated. Weak references to imported symbols remain unresolved.
Weak references produce a PLT entry. These references must be resolved at a later link stage.


The default is --pltgot_opts=nocrosslr,noweakrefs.

If you specify --arm_linux, then the default is weakrefs.

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