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Examples of module and input section specifications

Examples of module_select_pattern specifications and input_section_selector specifications.

Examples of module_select_pattern specifications are:

  • * matches any module or library.

  • *.o matches any object module.

  • math.o matches the math.o module.

  • *armlib* matches all C libraries supplied by ARM®.

  • "file 1.o" matches the file file 1.o.

  • *math.lib matches any library path ending with math.lib, for example, C:\apps\lib\math\satmath.lib.

Examples of input_section_selector specifications are:

  • +RO is an input section attribute that matches all RO code and all RO data.

  • +RW,+ZI is an input section attribute that matches all RW code, all RW data, and all ZI data.

  • BLOCK_42 is an input section pattern that matches sections named BLOCK_42. There can be multiple ELF sections with the same BLOCK_42 name that possess different attributes, for example +RO-CODE,+RW.