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Converting an ELF image to Byte oriented (Verilog Memory Model) hexadecimal format

Use the --vhx option to produce Byte oriented (Verilog Memory Model) hexadecimal format output. This format is suitable for loading into the memory models of Hardware Description Language (HDL) simulators. You can split output from this option into multiple files with the --widthxbanks option.


You must use --output with these options.


To convert the ELF file infile.axf to a byte oriented hexadecimal format file, for example outfile.bin, enter:

fromelf --cpu=8-A.64 --vhx --output=outfile.bin infile.axf

To create multiple output files, in the regions directory, from an image file multiload.axf, with two 8-bit memory banks, enter:

fromelf --cpu=8-A.64 --vhx --8x2 multiload.axf --output=regions
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