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Converting an ELF image to Motorola 32-bit format (32-bit only)

Use one of these options to produce Motorola 32-bit format (32-bit S-records) output:

  • --m32

  • --m32combined

--m32 generates one output file for each load region in the image. However, a file is not created for a load region if all the execution regions within that load region are empty.

--m32combined generates one output file for an image containing multiple load regions.


The following restrictions apply:

  • these options are supported only for AArch32 state files

  • you cannot use these options with object files

  • you must use --output with these options.

You can specify the base address of the output with the --base option.


To convert the ELF file infile.axf to a Motorola 32-bit format file, for example outfile.bin, enter:

fromelf --cpu=8-A.32 --m32 --output=outfile.bin infile.axf

To create a single Motorola 32-bit format output file, outfile2.bin, from an image file infile2.axf, with two load regions, and with a start address of 0x1000, enter:

fromelf --cpu=8-A.32 --m32combined --base=0x1000 --output=outfile2.bin infile2.axf
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