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Displays a disassembled version of the image to stdout. Disassembly is generated in armasm assembler syntax and not GNU assembler syntax.


If you use this option with --output destination, you can reassemble the output file with armasm.

You can use this option to disassemble either an ELF image or an ELF object file.


The output is not the same as that from --emit=code and --text -c.


To disassemble SVE instructions, you must not specify the --cpu option. fromelf cannot disassemble Arm®v8.4 instructions without also disassembling Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) instructions.

armasm cannot assemble code containing SVE instructions.


To disassemble the ELF file infile.axf for the Cortex®‑A7 processor and create a source file outfile.asm, enter:

fromelf --cpu=Cortex-A7 --disassemble --output=outfile.asm infile.axf