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Selection of ARM C and C++ library variants based on build options

When you build your application, you must make certain choices. For example:

Target Architecture and instruction set

A32 or T32 (AArch32 state instruction sets).


Microlib is not supported in AArch64 state.

Byte order

Only little-endian is supported.

Floating-point support


In ARMv8, VFP hardware is integral to the architecture. Software floating-point is supported for AArch32 state, but is not supported for AArch64 state.

Software (SoftVFP), hardware (VFP), software or hardware with half-precision or double-precision extensions, or no floating-point support.

When you link your assembler code, C or C++ code, the linker selects appropriate C and C++ library variants compatible with the build options you specified. There is a variant of the ISO C library for each combination of major build options.

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