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ARM C and C++ library directory structure

The libraries are installed in the armlib and libcxx subdirectories within install_directory\lib.


Contains the variants of the ARM® C library, the floating-point arithmetic library (fplib), and the math library (mathlib).

Contains all libc++ and libc++abi libraries.

The accompanying header files for these libraries are installed in:


To specify an alternative top-level lib directory, set either one of the environment variables ARMCOMPILER6LIB or ARMLIB, to point to the new directory, or use the --libpath option.

You must not identify the armlib and libcxx directories separately because the directory structure might change in future releases. The linker finds them from the location of lib.


  • The ARM C libraries are supplied in binary form only.
  • The ARM libraries must not be modified. If you want to create a new implementation of a library function, place the new function in an object file, or your own library, and include it when you link the application. Your version of the function is used instead of the standard library version.
  • Normally, only a few functions in the ISO C library require re-implementation to create a target-dependent application.
  • The libc++ and libc++abi libraries provided with ARM Compiler 6 are based on the open source libc++ and libc++abi libraries. The modifications made by ARM are covered by restrictions described in the end user license agreement.
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