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Arm Compiler Arm C and C++ Libraries and Floating-Point Support User Guide : __default_signal_handler()


Defined in rt_misc.h, the __default_signal_handler() function handles a raised signal. The default action is to exit.

This function is not part of the C library standard, but the Arm® C library supports it as an extension.


int __default_signal_handler(int signal, intptr_t type);


The default signal handler returns a nonzero value to indicate that the caller has to arrange for the program to exit. You can replace the default signal handler by defining:

int __default_signal_handler(int signal, intptr_t type);

The interface is the same as __raise(), but this function is only called after the C signal handling mechanism has declined to process the signal.

A complete list of the defined signals is in signal.h.


The signals used by the libraries might change in future releases of Arm Compiler.
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