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Trigger inputs and outputs

This section describes the trigger inputs and outputs that are available to the CTI.

The following table shows the CTI inputs.

Table 12-1 Trigger inputs

CTI input Name Description
0 DBGTRIGGER, pulsed Pulsed on entry to Debug state
1 PMUIRQa PMU generated interrupt
2 - -
3 - -
4 EXTOUT[0] ETM external output
5 EXTOUT[1] ETM external output
6 EXTOUT[2] ETM external output
7 EXTOUT[3] ETM external output

The following table shows the CTI outputs.

Table 12-2 Trigger outputs

CTI output Name Description
0 EDBGRQ Causes the processor to enter Debug state
1 DBGRESTART Causes the processor to exit Debug state
2 CTIIRQ CTI interrupt
3 - -
4 EXTIN[0] ETM external input
5 EXTIN[1] ETM external input
6 EXTIN[2] ETM external input
7 EXTIN[3] ETM external input
a This signal is the same as nPMUIRQ with inverted polarity.
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