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ARM Cortex-A72 MPCore Processor Technical Reference Manual : Features


The Cortex-A72 processor includes the following features:

  • Full implementation of the ARMv8-A architecture profile. See  Compliance.
  • Superscalar, variable-length, out-of-order pipeline.
  • Dynamic branch prediction with Branch Target Buffer (BTB) and Global History Buffer (GHB) RAMs, a return stack, and an indirect predictor.
  • 48-entry fully-associative L1 instruction Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) with native support for 4KB, 64KB, and 1MB page sizes.
  • 32-entry fully-associative L1 data TLB with native support for 4KB, 64KB, and 1MB page sizes.
  • 4-way set-associative unified 1024-entry Level 2 (L2) TLB in each processor.
  • Fixed 48K L1 instruction cache and 32K L1 data cache.
  • Shared L2 cache of 512KB, 1MB, 2MB or 4MB configurable size.
  • Optional Error Correction Code (ECC) protection for L2 cache, and optional ECC protection for L1 data cache and parity protection for L1 instruction cache.
  • AMBA 4 AXI Coherency Extensions (ACE) or CHI master interface.
  • Optional Accelerator Coherency Port (ACP) implemented as an AXI4 slave interface.
  • Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) based on the ETMv4 architecture.
  • Performance Monitor Unit (PMU) support based on the PMUv3 architecture.
  • Cross Trigger Interface (CTI) for multiprocessor debugging.
  • Optional Cryptography engine.
  • Optional Generic Interrupt Controller (GIC) CPU interface.
  • Support for power management with multiple power domains.


The optional Cryptography engine is not included in the base product of the Cortex-A72 processor. ARM requires licensees to have contractual rights to obtain the Cortex-A72 processor Cryptography engine.
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