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config.txt generic motherboard configuration file

You can use the V2M‑Juno motherboard configuration USB port or configuration Ethernet port to update the generic Versatile™ Express configuration file config.txt from your workstation to the root directory of the microSD card.

The following example shows a typical config.txt configuration file in the root directory of the configuration microSD card.


  • Colons (:) indicate the end of commands and must be separated by a space character (0x20) from the value fields.
  • Semicolons (;) indicate comments.
  • ASSERTNPOR must always have the value TRUE.
TITLE: Versatile Express V2M-Juno configuration file
AUTORUN: FALSE	    	     ;Auto Run from power on
TESTMENU: FALSE                ;MB Peripheral Test Menu
UPDATE: FALSE                  ;Force JTAG and FPGA update to DBs
VERIFY: FALSE                  ;Force FPGA verify to DBs
DVIMODE: VGA                   ;VGA or SVGA or XGA or SXGA or UXGA
MBLOG: FALSE                   ;LOG MB MICRO in run mode FALSE/UART0/UART1
DBLOG: FALSE                   ;LOG DB MICRO in run mode FALSE/UART1
                               ;(when MBLOG is not UART1)
USERSWITCH: 00000000           ;Userswitch[7:0] in binary
CONFSWITCH: 00000000           ;Configuration Switch[7:0] in binary
ASSERTNPOR: TRUE               ;External resets assert nPOR
WDTRESET: NONE                 ;Watchdog reset options NONE/RESETMB/RESETDB
PCIMASTER: DB1                 ;Port Failover DB1/SL3
MASTERSITE: DB1                :Boot Master DB1/SL3
REMOTE: NONE                   ;Selects remote command options NONE/USB/FTP
MCCMACADDRESS: 0xFFFFFFFFFFFF  ;MAC Address for MCC configuration Ethernet
HOSTNAME: V2M_JUNO_01          ;Host name for FTP [15 characters max]

See UART interface for information on using the MBLOG and DBLOG options to configure the UART interface.

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