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Contents of the MB directory

The MB directory contains files that relate to the MCC and to other components on the V2M‑Juno motherboard, but not the Juno Arm® Development Platform SoC. The MB directory contains a configuration HBI subdirectory that matches the HBI code of the V2M‑Juno motherboard.

The HBI subdirectory contains:

  • A board.txt file. This file defines the BIOS image that the MCC loads during configuration.
  • A file of the form mbb_vxxx.ebf. This is the MCC BIOS image that the board.txt file defines.
  • A file of the form io_bxxx.bit. This is the IOFPGA image file.
  • A file of the form pms_vxxx.bin. This is a binary configuration file for the Power Management IC (PMIC) on the V2M‑Juno motherboard.
  • A tapid.arm file. This file contains JTAG ID codes for the V2M‑Juno motherboard and LogicTile daughterboards.

The following example shows a typical V2M‑Juno motherboard configuration board.txt file.

TITLE: Motherboard configuration file		
MBBIOS mbb_v117.ebf 			    ;MB BIOS IMAGE 

MBIOFPGA: io_v114.bit               ;MB IOFPGA

MBPMIC: pms_v103.bin                ;MB PMIC

OSC0: 50.O                          ;OSC0 Juno SYSREFCLK    (System clock)
OSC1: 50.O                          ;OSC1 Juno AONREFCLK    (Always on)
OSC2: 50.O                          ;OSC2 Juno PXLREFCLK    (HS pixel clock)
OSC3: 50.O                          ;OSC3 Juno PXLCLKIN     (LS pixel clock)
OSC4: 2.11                          ;OSC4 Juno I2SCLK       (Audio)
OSC5: 50.O                          ;OSC5 Juno SMCMCLK      (Static memory)
OSC6: 50.O                          ;OSC6 Juno CA53_REF_CLK (RSVD)
OSC7: 50.O                          ;OSC7 Juno CA57 REF_CLK (RSVD)
OSC8: 50.O                          ;OSC8 Juno GPU REF_CLK  (RSVD)
OSC9: 50.O                          ;OSC9 IOFPGA BOOT       (RSVD)
OSC10: 24.O                         ;OSC10 IOFPGA UART      (RSVD)
OSC11: 7.37                         ;OSC11 Juno UARTCLK     (UART clock)