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Contents of the SITE1 directory

The SITE1 directory contains files that relate to the Juno Arm® Development Platform SoC and to external memory on the V2M‑Juno motherboard that the Juno Arm Development Platform SoC can access.

The SITE1 subdirectory contains an HBI0262 subdirectory that matches the HBI code of the V2M‑Juno motherboard. The HBI0262 subdirectory contains the following files:

A board.txt file
Contains configuration information for the SCC registers in the Juno Arm Development Platform SoC.
An images.txt file
Defines the files that the MCC loads into external memory during configuration.

The following example shows a typical V2M‑Juno motherboard board.txt file in the SITE1 directory that relates to the Juno SoC.

TITLE: V2M-Juno DevChip Configuration File

TOTALSCCS: 7                    ;Total Number of SCC registers
SCC: 0x100 0x801F1000           ;A57 PLL Register 0 (800MHz)
SCC: 0x104 0x0000F100           ;A57 PLL Register 1
SCC: 0x108 0x801B1000           ;A53 PLL Register 0 (700MHz)
SCC: 0x10C 0x0000D100           ;A53 PLL Register 1
SCC: 0x0F8 0x0BEC0000           ;BL1 entry point



Arm reserves these registers. You must not write to them.

The following example shows a typical V2M‑Juno motherboard images.txt file in the SITE1 directory that relates to the Juno SoC.

TITLE: Versatile Express Images Configuration File
TOTALIMAGES: 4 				      ;Number of Images (Max : 32)
NOR0UPDATE: AUTO 		 	       ;Image Update:NONE/AUTO/FORCE
NOR0ADDRESS: 0x00000000              ;Image Flash Address
NOR0FILE: \SOFTWARE\fip.bin          ;Image File Name
NOR0LOAD: 00000000                   ;Image Load Address
NOR0ENTRY: 00000000                  ;Image Entry Point

NOR1UPDATE: AUTO 		 	       ;Image Update:NONE/AUTO/FORCE
NOR1ADDRESS: 0x03EC0000              ;Image Flash Address
NOR1FILE: \SOFTWARE\bl1.bin          ;Image File Name
NOR1LOAD: 00000000                   ;Image Load Address
NOR1ENTRY: 00000000                  ;Image Entry Point

NOR2UPDATE: AUTO 		 	       ;Image Update:NONE/AUTO/FORCE
NOR2ADDRESS: 0x00500000              ;Image Flash Address
NOR2FILE: \SOFTWARE\Image            ;Image File Name
NOR2LOAD: 00000000                   ;Image Load Address
NOR2ENTRY: 00000000                  ;Image Entry Point

NOR3UPDATE: AUTO 		 	       ;Image Update:NONE/AUTO/FORCE
NOR3ADDRESS: 0x00F00000              ;Image Flash Address
NOR3FILE: \SOFTWARE\juno.dtb         ;Image File Name
NOR3LOAD: 00000000                   ;Image Load Address
NOR3ENTRY: 00000000                  ;Image Entry Point
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