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ATX power connector

The V2M‑Juno motherboard provides one power connector that enables connection of a unit that Arm supplies with the V2M‑Juno motherboard. This unit converts AC mains power to DC power to supply the board.

The following figure shows the ATX power connector, J20.

Figure A-11 ATX power connector, J20

The following table shows the pin mapping for the ATX power connector, J20, on the V2M‑Juno motherboard.

Table A-8 ATX power connector, J20, signal list

Pin Signal Pin Signal
1 3V3 13 3V3
2 3V3 14 -12V
3 GND 15 GND
4 5V 16 nATXON
5 GND 17 GND
6 5V 18 GND
7 GND 19 GND
8 PWOK 20 No connection
9 SB_5V 21 5V
10 12V 22 5V
11 12V 23 5V
12 3V3 24 GND
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