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Enter EEPROM at the main menu to switch to the EEPROM submenu. The contents of the V2M‑Juno r2 motherboard EEPROMs identify the specific board variant and might contain data to load to the other devices on the board.

The following table shows the EEPROM commands.


You must not modify the EEPROM settings. The settings are programmed with unique values during production and changing them might compromise the function of the board.

Table 3-3 V2M‑Juno r2 motherboard EEPROM commands

Command Description
CONFIG 0 filename Write configuration file to EEPROM.
EXIT or QUIT Return to main menu.
ERASECON [0] Erase configuration section of EEPROM.
ERASEDEV [0] Erase device section of EEPROM.
ERASERANGE [0] start end Erase EEPROM between start and end.
ERASEIMAGE image_id Erase image, named image_id, stored in Motherboard EEPROM.
ERASEIMAGES Erase images stored in Motherboard EEPROM.
HELP or ? Display this help.
READIMAGES Read images stored in Motherboard EEPROM.
READCF [0] Read configuration EEPROM.
READRANGE [0] [start] [end] Read EEPROM between start and end.
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