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Enabling Samsung Gear VR developer mode

Developer mode can help you to visualize the VR application running, without inserting the device into the VR headset.

Samsung Gear VR Developer mode can be enabled if you have installed a signed VR application before. If you have not installed a signed VR application before, install a signed VR application so that you can enable this mode.

To enable developer mode:

  1. On the Samsung device, select Settings > Application Manager > Gear VR Service.
  2. Select Manage storage.
  3. Tap on the VR service version six times.
  4. Wait for the scan process to complete. A developer mode toggle appears.


Using developer mode reduces the battery life of the phone, because it overrides all the settings that turn off the headset when it is not in use.

The following figure shows an example Ice Cave screenshot from the Samsung Gear VR developer mode view.

Figure 7-3 An example screenshot from the VR application running in Samsung Gear VR developer mode

An example screenshot from developer mode, showing the phoenix from the Ice Cave demo