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About Vulkan in Unity

The advantages of using Vulkan in Unity.

Many of the advantages of Vulkan come from the fact that Vulkan's driver is simpler compared to OpenGL and OpenGL ES.

However, there is the downside that much of the management work must be handled within your application and this low-level access makes applications more complex to write.

Unity handles most of this work for you, so your application automatically benefits from the enhanced performance of Vulkan.

In Unity, all you are required to do is add Vulkan to the list of graphics APIs that Unity can use to build your application.

Vulkan is more efficient than OpenGL ES, it reduces power consumption and increases battery life so it is typically a better choice if it is available. Consider using Vulkan if:

  • You want maximum performance for your application.

  • Your application is bound to the application processor.

  • You suspect an OpenGL or OpenGL ES driver is causing problems.

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