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Enabling Vulkan in Unity

This describes the procedure to enable Vulkan in Unity 5.6.

To enable Vulkan:

  1. Select File > Build Settings ….
  2. In the new window dialog, press the Player Settings … button.
  3. In the Player Settings window, find the Other Settings section.
  4. Ensure the Auto Graphics API check box is not checked. This enables you to manually select the API.
  5. To add Vulkan as an API, press + to add a new API to the list, and add Vulkan. Vulkan is added as the last option.
  6. To make Vulkan the primary API, select Vulkan and move to the top of the list.

Vulkan is now the primary API of the player. This is shown in the following image.

Figure 7-2 Unity API selection

You can leave Vulkan as the only API by removing the other two.

To do this, select an API and press - to remove it.

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