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Arm Cortex‑M1 DesignStart FPGA-Xilinx edition User Guide : Installing Arm software repository

Installing Arm software repository

The Arm software repository must also be added to the list of available Vivado repositories.

To add the Arm software repository to the list of Vivado software repositories:


You must complete the steps in:


  1. Open Vivado.
  2. From File, select Launch SDK.
  3. Set the default Exported location to V:/software and the default Workspace to V:/software/m1_for_arty_a7/sdk_workspace.

    Figure 2-2 Launch SDK

  4. Vivado issues a warning regarding the exported hardware file being out of date. This is because you have not built the project. Select Yes to proceed.

    Figure 2-3 Exported hardware system out-of-date

  5. Once the SDK opens, select Xilinx → Repositories and add the path to the V:/Arm_sw_repository/Cortex®‑M1 to the Global Repositories.

Next Steps

To use the Cortex‑M1 software on existing designs, you might be required to rescan the Software Development Kit (SDK) repositories. In the SDK, select Xilinx → Repositories → Rescan Repositories.

You must now proceed to Downloading QSPI memory models.

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