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Building the example software design

The example software design is built using the Arm Keil μVision Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK) tool.

To build the example software design:


  • You must complete the steps in Generating the Arty A7 board support package.
  • The example design Keil project uses a post processing batch file, make_hex_a7.bat, which is automatically run after compilation. This batch file creates the necessary software files in the desired formats and copies the files to their respective locations. This batch file requires the executable fromelf.exe to be in the users path. This executable is located in <Keil install path>/ARM/ARMCC/bin. This location should be added to the users path before opening the Keil project.


  1. Open Arm Keil μVision MDK and navigate to Project -> Open Project.
  2. Select V:/software/m1_for_arty_a7/Build_Keil/m1_for_arty_a7.uvprojx.
  3. Ensure that the target is m1_for_arty_a7.
  4. Navigate to Project -> Rebuild. This rebuilds all target files.
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