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Example software design for Arty A7

An example software design is provided which demonstrates the basic functionality of the processor and some peripherals.

The example design software design is compiled using Arm μVision Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK) 5.24 onwards. A project file for the example design is in V:/software/m1_for_arty_a7/Build_Keil/m1_for_arty_a7.uvprojx. The example software design uses compiler options for the Cortex®‑M0 processor. This is the correct choice if your toolchain does not provide explicit support for the Cortex‑M1 processor.

The software demonstrates:

  • UART output to either the Arty onboard USB connector or the V2C-DAPLink board when fitted.
  • GPIO_0, the LEDs mirror the state of the DIP switches. When each switch is turned on, the appropriate LED is lit.
  • GPIO_1, as each pushbutton is pressed, the appropriate LED rotates around eight possible colors (seven lit states and a single off state).
  • QSPI_0, read and write accesses are testing during powerup.
  • BRAM ctrl 0, read and write memory accesses are tested during powerup.

The peripherals on the V2C-DAPLink board are not covered by the software tests.

The example software design relies on the Xilinx Board Support Package (BSP) for the example design. You must generate the BSP before you build the software design.

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