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Directory structure

The expected directory structure after you download and unpack the Arm IP deliverables is:

    |	|_m1_for_arty_a7/
    |	|	|_block_diagram/		
    |	|	|_constraints/		  
    |	|	|_m1_for_arty_a7/  
    |	|	|_testbench/	
    |	|_m1_for_arty_s7/	
    |	|	|_block_diagram/		
    |	|	|_constraints/		  
    |	|	|_m1_for_arty_s7/  
    |	|	|_testbench/    
    |	|_m1_for_arty_a7/	   
    |	|	|_Build_Keil/
    |	|_flash_downloader/
    |	|_m1_for_arty_s7/
    |		 |_Build_Keil/	   
    |	|_CM1DbgAXI/        
    |	|_DAPLink_to_Arty_shield/  


The deliverable supports building the Cortex®‑M1 example design on both the Digilent Arty Artix 7 (A7) board with Artix FPGA and Spartan 7 (S7) with Spartan FPGA. Throughout this document, the A7 is used as the example. However, the same files and methods apply to the S7 project. To use the S7 project, replace any reference to m1_for_arty_a7 with m1_for_arty_s7.

The following table describes the directory structure.

Table 1-1 Directory structure

File Description
/docs Contains this document and example design diagram.
hardware/m1_for_arty_a7/block_diagram/ Example block diagram.
hardware/m1_for_arty_a7/constraints/ Constraint files.
hardware/m1_for_arty_a7/m1_for_arty_a7/ Vivado project root.
hardware/m1_for_arty_a7/testbench/ Simulation testbench.
software/m1_for_arty_a7/ Example software application.
software/m1_for_arty_a7/Build_Keil/ Compilation directory for example code, which compiles under MDK and uses Xilinx drivers.
software/flash_downloader/ Flash downloader.
vivado/Arm_ipi_repository/CM1DbgAXI/ Cortex‑M1 processor debug and AXI interface.
vivado/Arm_ipi_repository/DAPLink_to_Arty_shield/ Interface block to the Arty adaptor board.
vivado/Arm_sw_repository/ Cortex‑M1 processor software files for Board Support Package (BSP) and example application development.

Before you can use the deliverables, you must configure your Vivado installation to:

  • Reference the Arm IP.
  • Install the Digilent board files, if you want to use the provided example design.


If you have already downloaded other versions of the Cortex‑M1 DesignStart™ FPGA-Xilinx edition, then these have a similar directory structure. Arm recommends that you merge the directory structure between the installs to simplify their use. At a minimum, Arm recommends that you merge the directories under /vivado so that Vivado only needs to be assigned one directory location to read Arm hardware and software repositories.
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