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Generating bit and flash files

In the V:/hardware/m1_for_arty_a7/m1_for_arty_a7 folder, there is a Windows batch file, make_prog_bit.bat. The make_prog_bit.bat file combines the m1_for_arty_a7_wrapper.bit, m1.mmi, and bram_a7.elf files into a bit file, m1_for_arty_a7.bit and a flash file m1_for_arty_a7.mcs.

To create a new m1_for_arty_prog.bit bit file in the current directory:


The make_prog_bit.bat batch file requires that:

  • A m1_for_arty_a7_wrapper.bit bit file is in \m1_for_arty_a7_35.runs\impl_1\.
  • An m1.mmi file is in the current directory.
  • A bram_a7.elf file is in the current directory.

The Vivado executable must be in your path. To test this, open a command window or console, and type the following:



  1. Open a command window in the V:/hardware/m1_for_arty_a7/m1_for_arty_a7 folder.
  2. Check that the make_prog_bit.bat file is configured.
  3. At the prompt, execute the make_prog_bit.bat file.
  4. Check the console messages to ensure that both m1_for_arty_a7.bit and m1_for_arty_a7.mcs files have been generated.
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