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Recovering the DAP connection

If you program the Quad Serial Port Interface (QSPI) with software that causes the processor to lock up, the QSPI might become unaccessible. To recover the Debug Access Port (DAP) connection, a valid image must be programmed into the V2C-DAPLink QSPI or the device must be erased.


  1. Configure the Arty Artix 7 (A7) board with a valid Cortex®‑M1 processor design.
  2. Connect the V2C-DAPLink to the Arty boards headers.
  3. Ensure the V2C-DAPLink jumper is removed from J2, Cfg.
  4. Connect the USB to the host to power:
    • The Arty board.
    • The V2C-DAPLink board.
  5. Press PROG on the Arty board to ensure it has configured the FPGA.
  6. Connect to the DAP with the μVision debugger.
  7. Load the project and then go to the Options for Target <name of executable> (alt-F7).
  8. Select the Debug tab.
  9. Click on Settings and go to the Flash Download tab.
  10. Ensure Program and Verify are unticked.

    Figure 5-11 Flash Download tab

  11. Click OK in the Cortex-M Target Driver Setup and Options for Target <name of executable> screens.
  12. Click the download icon to erase the device.

    Figure 5-12 Download flash icon

  13. Replace the J2, Cfg link on the V2C-DAPLink and press nRST.
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