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DTI interconnect

The TBU and TCUs use a DTI interface to communicate. The DTI interconnect enables the DTI interface to use the AXI4‑Stream transport protocol.

The DTI interconnect can connect any components that conform to the AXI4‑Stream protocol, as defined by the Arm AMBA Distributed Translation Interface (DTI) Protocol Specification.

The DTI interconnect contains internal components that are hierarchically composable, that is, they can be connected in different ways to suit your system requirements. For example, within an MMU-600 system, you can use the switch component to combine the DTI interfaces of multiple TBUs into a single DTI interface. You can then connect the combined DTI interface to another DTI interconnect that is closer to the TCU. The DTI interconnect includes switch, sizer, and register slice components.

The switch connects multiple DTI masters, such as TBUs, to a DTI slave such as a TCU. The switch implements the following parallel networks:
  • For TBU to TCU traffic, a network that connects multiple AXI4‑Stream slave interfaces to a single AXI4‑Stream master interface.
  • For TCU to TBU traffic, a network that connects a single AXI4‑Stream slave interface to multiple AXI4‑Stream master interfaces.


The switch does not store any data, and therefore does not require a Q‑Channel clock‑gating interface.
The sizer connects channels that have different data widths, enabling different tradeoffs of bandwidth to area. The sizer supports conversion between any of the supported AXI4‑Stream data widths:
  • 1 byte.
  • 4 bytes.
  • 10 bytes.
  • 20 bytes.
The sizer includes a Q‑Channel interface to provide clock‑gating control.
Register slice
Use the register slice to improve timing. The register slice includes a Q‑Channel interface to provide clock‑gating control.
The MMU-600 DTI interconnect components do not include a component to connect different clock and power domains. You can connect DTI interfaces in different clock and power domains by using the Bidirectional AXI4-Stream (BAS) configuration of the ADB-400 AMBA Domain Bridge.
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