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Arm CoreLink GIC-600 Generic Interrupt Controller Technical Reference Manual : MSI-64 ACE-Lite interfaces

MSI-64 ACE-Lite interfaces

The MSI-64 Encapsulator has an ACE-Lite slave interface and an ACE-Lite master interface.

MSI-64 ACE-Lite slave interface with awdeviceid
This interface is a full ACE-Lite slave port with an extra awdeviceid input signal, which is valid, and must remain stable with awvalid.
MSI-64 ACE-Lite master interface
This interface is a full ACE-Lite master port.

The following table shows the transaction acceptance capabilities of both slave and master ports.

Table 2-13 Transaction acceptance

Transaction type Maximum number of transactions allowed
Read 128
Write 128
Combined 256

Any leading wdata is registered and held until the awaddr signal arrives. These signals are described in ACE interface signals.


  • The MSI-64 Encapsulator requires a data bus that has a width of 64 bits or greater.
  • The ACE-Lite master port never issues more than two addresses before signal wlast is asserted.
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