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SPI Collator wires

The SPI Collator wires can be extended to create other functions.

By default, the asserted level of a SPI is active-HIGH, as with previous Arm GIC implementations. However, each SPI can be either inverted or synchronized, or both, using the parameters gic600_<config_name>_SPI_INV[n] and gic600_<config_name>_SPI_SYNC[n], where:

  • SPI_INV[n] == 1 = inverter enabled.
  • SPI_SYNC[n] == 1 = synchronizer enabled.
  • [n] = SPI_ID - 32.

Each SPI Collator wire has corresponding wires after the synchronizer or capture flop that can be used to create pulse extenders for edge-triggered interrupts that cross clock domains. If SPI_INV is set to 1, then the wire after the synchronizer is inverted with respect to the input.

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