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GICP register summary

The GIC-600 Performance Monitoring Unit functions are controlled through registers that are identified with the prefix GICP.

Table 4-57 GICP register summary

Offset Name Type Width Reset Description Architecture defined?
0x000 + (n × 4) GICP_EVCNTRn RW 32 unknown Event Counter Registers, GICP_EVCNTRn a
0x400 + (n × 4) GICP_EVTYPERn a RW 32 unknown Event Type Configuration Registers, GICP_EVTYPERn a
0x600 + (n × 4) GICP_SVRn a RO 32 unknown Shadow Value Registers, GICP_SVRn a
0xA00 + (n × 4) GICP_FRn a RW 32 unknown Filter Registers, GICP_FRn a
0xC00 GICP_CNTENSET0 RW 64 0x0 Counter Enable Set Register, GICP_CNTENSET0 a
0xC20 GICP_CNTENCLR0 RW 64 0x0 Counter Enable Clear Register 0, GICP_CNTENCLR0 a
0xC40 GICP_INTENSET0 RW 64 0x0 Interrupt Contribution Enable Set Register 0, GICP_INTENSET0 a
0xC60 GICP_INTENCLR0 RW 64 0x0 Interrupt Contribution Enable Clear Register 0, GICP_INTENCLR0 a
0xC80 GICP_OVSCLR0 RW 64 0x0 Overflow Status Clear Register 0, GICP_OVSCLR0 a
0xCC0 GICP_OVSSET0 RW 64 0x0 Overflow Status Set Register 0, GICP_OVSSET0 a
0xD88 GICP_CAPR WO 32 - Counter Shadow Value Capture Register, GICP_CAPR a
0xE00 GICP_CFGR RO 32 0x401F04 Configuration Information Register, GICP_CFGR a
0xE04 GICP_CR RW 32 0x0 Control Register, GICP_CR a
0xE50 GICP_IRQCR RW 32 0x0 Interrupt Configuration Register, GICP_IRQCR a
0xFBC GICP_PMDEVARCH RO 32 0x23B02A56 - -
0xFD0 GICP_PIDR4 RO 32 0x44 Peripheral ID 4 Register No
0xFD4 GICP_PIDR5 RO 32 0x00 Peripheral ID 5 Register No
0xFD8 GICP_PIDR6 RO 32 0x00 Peripheral ID 6 Register No
0xFDC GICP_PIDR7 RO 32 0x00 Peripheral ID 7 Register No
0xFE0 GICP_PIDR0 RO 32 0x96 Peripheral ID 0 Register No
0xFE4 GICP_PIDR1 RO 32 0xB4 Peripheral ID 1 Register No
0xFE8 GICP_PIDR2 RO 32 0x3B Peripheral ID2 Register, GICP_PIDR2 No
0xFEC GICP_PIDR3 RO 32 0x00 Peripheral ID 3 Register No
0xFF0 GICP_CIDR0 RO 32 0x0D Component ID 0 Register No
0xFF4 GICP_CIDR1 RO 32 0x90 Component ID 1 Register No
0xFF8 GICP_CIDR2 RO 32 0x05 Component ID 2 Register No
0xFFC GICP_CIDR3 RO 32 0xB1 Component ID 3 Register No

This section contains the following subsections:

a n = 0-4.a
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