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ITS control register summary

The GIC-600 Interrupt Translation Service functions are controlled through registers that are identified with the prefix GITS.

For descriptions of registers that are not specific to the GIC-600, see the Arm® Generic Interrupt Controller Architecture Specification, GIC architecture version 3.0 and version 4.0.


This page does not exist in GIC-600 configurations that do not support LPIs or that do not have an ITS.

Table 4-35 ITS control register summary

Offset Name Type Width Reset Description Architecture defined?
0x0000 GITS_CTLR RW 32 0x80000000 ITS Control Register Yes
0x0004 GITS_IIDR RO 32 Configuration dependent ITS Implementer Identification Register, GITS_IIDR Yes
0x0008 GITS_TYPER RO 64 Configuration dependent Interrupt Controller Type Register, GITS_TYPER Yes
0x0010-0x001C - - 32 - Reserved -
0x0020 GITS_FCTLR RW 32 0x0 Function Control Register, GITS_FCTLR a
0x0024 - - - - Reserved -
0x0028 GITS_OPR RW 64 0x0 Operations Register, GITS_OPR a
0x0030 GITS_OPSR RO 64 0x0 Operation Status Register, GITS_OPSR a
0x0038-0x007C - - - - Reserved -
0x0080 GITS_CBASER RW 64 0x0

Command Queue Control Register

See the Arm® GICv3 and GICv4 Software Overview

0x0088 GITS_CWRITER RW 64 0x0 Command Queue Write Pointer Register Yes
0x0090 GITS_CREADR RO 64 0x0 Command Queue Read Pointer Register Yes
0x0098-0x00FC - - - - Reserved -
0x0100 GITS_BASER0 RW 64 0x107000000000000 ITS Translation Table Descriptor Register0 Yes
0x0108 GITS_BASER1 RW 64 0x0 ITS Translation Table Descriptor Register1 Yes
0x0110-0xEFFC - - - - Reserved -
0xF000 GITS_CFGID RO 32 0x0 Configuration ID Register, GITS_CFGID a
0xF004-0xFFCC - - - - Reserved -
0xFFD0 GITS_PIDR4 RO 32 0x44 Peripheral ID 4 Register No
0xFFD4 GITS_PIDR5 RO 32 0x00 Peripheral ID 5 Register No
0xFFD8 GITS_PIDR6 RO 32 0x00 Peripheral ID 6 Register No
0xFFDC GITS_PIDR7 RO 32 0x00 Peripheral ID 7 Register No
0xFFE0 GITS_PIDR0 RO 32 0x94 Peripheral ID 0 Register No
0xFFE4 GITS_PIDR1 RO 32 0xB4 Peripheral ID 1 Register No
0xFFE8 GITS_PIDR2 RO 32 0x3B Peripheral ID2 Register, GITS_PIDR2 No
0xFFEC GITS_PIDR3 RO 32 0x00 Peripheral ID 3 Register No
0xFFF0 GITS_CIDR0 RO 32 0x0D Component ID 0 Register No
0xFFF4 GITS_CIDR1 RO 32 0xF0 Component ID 1 Register No
0xFFF8 GITS_CIDR2 RO 32 0x05 Component ID 2 Register No
0xFFFC GITS_CIDR3 RO 32 0xB1 Component ID 3 Register No

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