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The GIC-600 registers

All the GIC-600 registers have names that are constructed of mnemonics that indicate the logical block that the register belongs to and the register function.

The following information applies to the GIC-600 registers:

  • The GIC-600 implements only memory-mapped registers.
  • The GIC-600 has a single base address, except for the GITS_TRANSLATER register. The base address is not fixed and can be different for each particular system implementation.
  • The offset of each register from the base address is fixed.
  • Accesses to reserved or unused address locations might result in a bus error that is based on GICT_ERR0CTLR.UE.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the accompanying text:
    • Do not modify reserved register bits.
    • Ignore reserved register bits on reads.
    • A system reset or a Cold reset, resets all register bits to zero.
  • The GIC-600 ACE-Lite slave port can be 64 bits, 128 bits, or 256 bits wide, depending on the configuration. The Arm® Generic Interrupt Controller Architecture Specification, GIC architecture version 3.0 and version 4.0 defines the permitted sizes of access.


    The GIC-600 guarantees single-copy atomicity for doubleword accesses.
  • The GIC-600 supports data only in little-endian format.
  • The access types for the GIC-600 are as follows:
    RWRead and write.
    WOWrite-only, reads return as UNKNOWN.

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