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GIC-600 register access and banking

The GIC-600 uses an access and banking scheme for its registers.


For more information about the register access and banking scheme, see the Arm® Generic Interrupt Controller Architecture Specification, GIC architecture version 3.0 and version 4.0.

The key characteristics of the scheme are:

  • Some registers, such as the Distributor Control Register, GICD_CTLR, and the Redistributor Control Register, GICR_CTLR, are banked by security that provides separate Secure and Non-secure copies of the registers. A Secure access to the address accesses the Secure copy of the register. A Non-secure access to the address accesses the Non-secure copy.
  • Some registers, such as the Interrupt Group Registers, GICD_IGROUPRn, are only accessible using Secure accesses.
  • Non-secure accesses to registers, or parts of a register, which are only accessible to Secure accesses are Read-As-Zero and Writes Ignored (RAZ/WI).
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