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Register map pages

The register map is separated into several pages.

The register map pages are defined in the following table.

Table 4-1 Register map pages

Offset[x:16] Page Description
0 GICD GICD main page.
1 GICA GICD message-based interrupts alias.
2 GICT GIC trace and debug page.
4 + (ITSnum × 2) GITSn

ITS address page.


ITSnum is the serial number of each ITS, which is from 0 to ITScount-1.
5 + (ITSnum × 2) GITSn translate ITS translation page.
4 + (2 × ITScount) + (RDnum × 2) GICR (LPI) GICR LPI registers.


ITScount is the total number of ITS.
5 + (2 × ITScount) + (RDnum × 2) GICR (SGI) GICR PPI + SGI registers.


RDnum is the serial number of each "internal Redistributor", which is from 0 o RDcount-1.
4 + (2 × ITScount) + (RDcount × 2) GICDA Alias to GICD (page after last GICR page).


RDcount is the total number of "internal Redistributor", which equals total number of CPU cores.

For more information, see Arm® Generic Interrupt Controller Architecture Specification, GIC architecture version 3.0 and version 4.0.

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