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About the V2M‑Beetle evaluation board

The V2M‑Beetle evaluation board provides access to the Beetle test chip to enable hardware and software development for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

V2M‑Beetle evaluation board and Beetle test chip

The Beetle test chip is based on the IoT Subsystem for Cortex®-M.

The V2M‑Beetle board provides:

  • One Beetle test chip:
    • One IoT Subsystem for Cortex-M that incorporates a Cortex-M3.
    • One Arm® Cordio® BT4, a Bluetooth Low‑Energy radio block.


    The Beetle test chip is designed as a test vehicle. ARM does not guarantee that all test chip functionality has been tested or validated.
  • Headers that enable fitting of an Arduino‑compatible R3 expansion shield:
    • 16 GPIO signals.
    • Power to the expansion shield.
    • I2C interface.
    • SPI interface.
    • UART interface.
    • Six Analog signals from the expansion shield to an ADC on V2M‑Beetle evaluation board. The output of the ADC is input to the Beetle test chip.


    The board might not be compatible with all available Arduino‑compatible R3 expansion shields. Check the shield requirements against the Beetle board specification. For example, some shields require the analog pins A0-A5 to be digital output capable, which this board does not support. Also, check the shield power requirements. Beetle 3V3 and 5V can each provide a maximum of 200mA.

  • A 50Ω on‑board antenna.
  • One motion sensor:
    • 3‑axis orientation and motion sensing.
  • One temperature sensor.

Internet of Things (IoT) development

The V2M‑Beetle evaluation board, incorporating the Beetle test chip, enables IoT endpoint development with expansion by fitting an Arduino‑compatible R3 expansion shield.

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