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Register Descriptions

Table of Contents

Control registers
About the control registers
AArch32 control register summary
AArch64 control register summary
CLUSTERACPSID, Cluster ACP Scheme ID Register
CLUSTERACTLR, Cluster Auxiliary Control Register
CLUSTERBUSQOS, Cluster Bus QoS Control Register
CLUSTERCFR, Cluster Configuration Register
CLUSTERECTLR, Cluster Extended Control Register
CLUSTERIDR, Cluster Main Revision ID Register
CLUSTERL3HIT, Cluster L3 Hit Counter Register
CLUSTERL3MISS, Cluster L3 Miss Counter Register
CLUSTERPARTCR, Cluster Partition Control Register
CLUSTERPWRCTLR, Cluster Power Control Register
CLUSTERPWRDN, Cluster Powerdown Register
CLUSTERPWRSTAT, Cluster Power Status Register
CLUSTERREVIDR, Cluster Revision ID Register
CLUSTERSTASHSID, Cluster Stash Scheme ID Register
CLUSTERTHREADSID, Cluster Thread Scheme ID Register
CLUSTERTHREADSIDOVR, Cluster Thread Scheme ID Override Register
Error system registers
About the error system registers
Error system register summary
ERR1CTLR, Error Record Control Register
ERR1FR, Error Record Feature Register
ERR1MISC0, Error Record Miscellaneous Register 0
ERR1MISC1, Error Record Miscellaneous Register 1
ERR1PFGCDNR, Error Pseudo Fault Generation Count Down Register
ERR1PFGCTLR, Error Pseudo Fault Generation Control Register
ERR1PFGFR, Error Pseudo Fault Generation Feature Register
ERR1STATUS, Error Record Primary Status Register
PMU registers
About the PMU registers
AArch32 PMU register summary
AArch64 PMU register summary
CLUSTERPMCR, Cluster Performance Monitors Control Register
CLUSTERPMCNTENSET, Cluster Count Enable Set Register
CLUSTERPMCNTENCLR, Cluster Count Enable Clear Register
CLUSTERPMOVSSET, Cluster Overflow Flag Status Set Register
CLUSTERPMOVSCLR, Cluster Overflow Flag Status Clear Register
CLUSTERPMSELR, Cluster Event Counter Selection Register
CLUSTERPMINTENSET, Cluster Interrupt Enable Set Register
CLUSTERPMINTENCLR, Cluster Interrupt Enable Clear Register
CLUSTERPMCCNTR, Cluster Performance Monitors Cycle Counter
CLUSTERPMXEVTYPER, Cluster Selected Event Type Register
CLUSTERPMXEVCNTR, Cluster Selected Event Counter Register
CLUSTERPMMDCR, Cluster Monitor Debug Configuration Register
CLUSTERPMCEID0, Cluster Common Event Identification Register 0
CLUSTERPMCEID1, Cluster Common Event Identification Register 1
CLUSTERCLAIMSET, Cluster Claim Tag Set Register
CLUSTERCLAIMCLR, Cluster Claim Tag Clear Register
CLUSTERPMEVTYPER<n>, Cluster Event Type Register
CLUSTERPMEVCNTR<n>, Cluster Event Counter Register
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