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Configuration for four Cortex-A9 processors

In this configuration, PADDRDBG is [14:0]. PADDRDBG[14:13] is used to select which of the processors is accessed.

  • Use PADDRDBG[14:13] = 00 to access CPU0 resources.
  • Use PADDRDBG[14:13] = 01 to access CPU1 resources.
  • Use PADDRDBG[14:13] = 10 to access CPU2 resources.
  • Use PADDRDBG[14:13] = 11 to access CPU3 resources.

PADDRDBG[12] is used to select the debug or performance monitor area of the processor

  • Use PADDRDBG[12] = 0 to access the debug area of the selected Cortex®‑A9 processor.
  • Use PADDRDBG[12] = 1 to access the performance monitor area of the selected Cortex‑A9 processor.
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