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Interrupt Controller Type Register

Characteristics and bit assignments of the ICDICTR.

PurposeProvides information about the configuration of the Interrupt Controller.
Usage constraintsThere are no usage constraints.
ConfigurationsAvailable in all Cortex®‑A9 multiprocessor configurations.
AttributesSee the register summary in  Distributor register summary.

The following figure shows the ICDICTR bit assignments.

Figure 3-3 ICDICTR bit assignments

The following table shows the ICDICTR bit assignments.

Table 3-4 ICDICTR bit assignments

Bits Name Function
[31:16] - Reserved
[15:11] LSPI

Returns the number of Lockable Shared Peripheral Interrupts (LSPIs) that the controller contains. The encoding is:

0b1111131 LSPIs, that are the interrupts of IDs 32-62.

When CFGSDISABLE is HIGH, the interrupt controller prevents writes to any register location that controls the operating state of an LSPI.

[10] SecurityExtn

Returns the number of security domains that the controller contains:

1The controller contains two security domains.

This bit always returns the value one.

[9:8] - Reserved
[7:5] CPU number

The encoding is:

0b000The Cortex‑A9 MPCore configuration contains one Cortex‑A9 processor.
0b001The Cortex‑A9 MPCore configuration contains two Cortex‑A9 processors.
0b010The Cortex‑A9 MPCore configuration contains three Cortex‑A9 processors.
0b011The Cortex‑A9 MPCore configuration contains four Cortex‑A9 processors.
0b1xxUnused values.
[4:0] IT lines number

The encoding is:

0b00000The distributor provides 32 interrupts, no external interrupt lines. a
0b00001The distributor provides 64 interrupts, 32 external interrupt lines.
0b00010The distributor provides 96 interrupts, 64 external interrupt lines.
0b00011The distributor provides 128 interrupts, 96 external interrupt lines.
0b00100The distributor provides 160 interrupts, 128 external interrupt lines.
0b00101The distributor provides 192 interrupts, 160 external interrupt lines.
0b00110The distributor provides 224 interrupts, 192 external interrupt lines.
0b00111The distributor provides 256 interrupts, 224 external interrupt lines.

All other values not used.

a The distributor always uses interrupts of IDs 0 to 31 to control any SGIs and PPIs that the Interrupt Controller might contain.
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