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Customizing Android and Fast Models to support the Generic Graphics Accelerator

You must customize Android and Fast Models to support the Generic Graphics Accelerator.


The following figure shows the relationship between the task steps and the different components. Only steps 4-7 are relevant to the Generic Graphics Accelerator. The other steps are independent of it, and can be done separately by consulting relevant documentation.

Figure 2-1 Task steps and components

To view this graphic, your browser must support the SVG format. Either install a browser with native support, or install an appropriate plugin such as Adobe SVG Viewer.

  1. Either rebuild Android from source, or use a pre-built binary image from Linaro.
  2. Install the ARM Mali OpenGL ES Emulator.
  3. Build Fast Models.
  4. Boot Android by using the Generic Graphics Accelerator.
  5. Push the Shim library to the target.
  6. Modify Android properties and reboot Android.
  7. Install and run an Android application.

This section contains the following subsections:

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