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Installing and running an Android application

Install and run an Android application to verify whether Android OS is functioning.


This step should not be done until the system reboot is complete, which can take several minutes.


  1. Ensure the ADB client is available.
    export PATH=$PATH:/opt/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools/
    adb connect localhost:your_port_number
  2. Install a sample application.

    For 32-bit Android:

    adb install gga_installation_folder/GGA/examples/linux-armv7sfl/Cube.apk

    For 64-bit Android:

    adb install gga_installation_folder/GGA/examples/linux-armv8l_64/Cube.apk
  3. Run the sample application to verify whether Android OS is up.
    If Android OS is up, you can see a spinning cube as shown in the following screenshot:
    Figure 2-3 Mali cube

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