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Product revisions

Summary of the differences in functionality between product revisions.

r0p0First release.

Two new components added:

  • Granular Power Requester.
  • Timestamp interpolator.

r2p0 includes fixes for all known engineering errata relating to r1p0.

r2p0-r2p1r2p1 includes fixes and IP-XACT changes.

r3p0 delivers:

  • Test code written in C.
  • Example testbenches and example debug and trace sub systems.
  • Fixes and IP-XACT changes.

r3p1 delivers:

  • Performance improvements to timestamp components.
  • Fixes and IP-XACT changes.

r3p2 delivers:

  • Configuration or I/O changes to the following components:

    • cxdapswjdp.

    • cxntsasyncbridge.
    • cxdapapbap.
    • cxetb.
    • cxcti.
    • cxctm.
  • Two new components added:

    • cxctitocxstm.

    • cxchannelasyncbridge.
  • Component IP-XACT updates.
  • Component IP-XACT updates.
  • Verification flow updates.
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