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Midgard architecture hardware

This section describes the main components of the Midgard architecture Mali™ GPUs.

Midgard architecture hardware components

Midgard architecture Mali™ GPUs are typically used in a mobile or embedded environment to accelerate 2D graphics, 3D graphics, and computations.

The graphics are produced using an OpenGL ES graphics pipeline.

A general-purpose application processor runs the operating system, graphics applications, and the Mali GPU driver.

Midgard architecture Mali GPUs are configurable so they can contain different components. The types of components a Midgard architecture Mali GPU can contain are:

  • Shader cores.
  • Memory Management Units.
  • L2 cache.
  • Tiler.

This figure shows a Midgard architecture Mali GPU.

Figure 1-1 Midgard architecture Mali GPU

To view this graphic, your browser must support the SVG format. Either install a browser with native support, or install an appropriate plugin such as Adobe SVG Viewer.

Shader cores

The shader cores handle the vertex and fragment processing stages of the graphics pipeline.

The shader cores generate lists of primitives and accelerate the building of data structures, such as polygon lists and packed vertex data, for fragment processing.

The shader cores also handle the rasterization and fragment processing stages of the graphics pipeline. They use the data structures and lists of primitives that are generated during vertex processing to produce the framebuffer result that appears on the screen.

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