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half_ and native_ math functions

List of half_ and native_ math functions. The half_ and native_ variants of the math functions are provided for portability.

Table B-3 half_ and native_ math functions

half_ functions   native_ functions
half_cos()   native_cos()
half_divide()   native_divide()
half_exp()   native_exp()
half_exp2()   native_exp2()
half_exp10()   native_exp10()
half_log()   native_log()
half_log2()   native_log2()
half_log10()   native_log10()
half_powr()   native_powr()
half_recip()   native_recip()
half_rsqrt()   native_rsqrt()
half_sin()   native_sin()
half_sqrt()   native_sqrt()
half_tan()   native_tan()

Mali™ GPUs implement most of the full precision variants of the half_ and native_ math functions at full speed so you are not required to use the half_ and native_ functions.


On Mali GPUs, the following functions are faster than the full precision versions:

  • native_sin().
  • native_cos().
  • native_tan().
  • native_divide().
  • native_exp().
  • native_sqrt().
  • half_sqrt().