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CC_TST_TRNG output format

When CC_TST_TRNG is run, in addition to collecting samples, it stores some metadata in its output buffer. This buffer is described in terms of 32-bit little-endian words.

The following table lists the value of each word:

Table A-1 CC_TST_TRNG output format

Buffer offset (32-bit words) Value
0 Signature value: 0xAABBCCDD.
  • Bits [23:0] - buffSize.
  • Bits [25:24] - roscLength.
  • Bits [31:31] - TRNGMode.
2 sampleCount
3 Signature value: 0xAABBCCDD.
4..N-1 Collected samples. Each 32-bit word contains the first collected sample in bit 0, and the last collected sample in bit 31.
N Signature value: 0xDDCCBBAA.
N+1 Error flags
  • Bit [0] - Samples were lost during collection.
  • Bit [1] - Autocorrelation error occurred.
  • Bit [2] - CRNGT error that is detected and recovered.
  • Bit [3] - Input that is stuck at same level for 32 bits.
N+2 Signature value: 0xDDCCBBAA.


The value of "N" is derived from the buffer size, and is calculated to fit the entire data in the supplied buffer (as per the buffSize argument).

When parsing the output, it is important to test that the signature value is correct.

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