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Characterization test conditions

Each characterization test is executed by running the characterization test program under a combination of conditions.

These tests are described in Table   2-2 Characterization test conditions.

It is critical that for each test:

  • All output bits are collected using a single contiguous execution of the test.
  • All the resulting bits are saved in the output file without any gaps.

If any bits are dropped and not captured in the output file, the test must be rerun as the statistical analysis of the output is meaningless.

Table 2-2 Characterization test conditions

Configuration variable Operating conditions Filename values
Ring oscillator length. The four configurable lengths that Arm® TRNG allows. R0, R1, R2, R3.

R0 is the shortest length and R3 is the longest.


In some chips, the ring oscillator might not properly work when configured to the shorter lengths.
Voltage. High, typical, low. VH, VT, VL.
Temperature. High, typical, low. TH, TT, TL.
CMOS process corner. Typical, fast/fast, fast/slow, slow/fast, slow/slow. CT, CFF, CFS, CSF, CSS.

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