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Characterization test program

You must implement the characterization test program, using the CC_TST_TRNG API that Arm supplies.


Usually, for a memory-constrained IoT scenario, the collected raw data is redirected to a peripheral, to reduce memory usage. For a device without an available peripheral, you may utilize the max delay between blocks to design a private protocol to collect the data. The max delay between blocks follows this formula: max_delay = 4*(192 * SAMPLE_CNT/RNG_CLK).

Example of API

 * Collect TRNG output for characterization
 * @regBaseAddress: Base address of the TRNG registers in the memory map of the system.
 * @TRNGMode: 0 - 1st iteration; 1 - 2nd iteration, FE TRNG driver; 2 - 2nd iteration, 800-90B TRNG driver
 * @roscLength: The ID of the ring oscillator (0 to 3).
 * @sampleCount: The sampling rate of the ring oscillator.
 * @buffSize: The size of buffer passed in dataBuff_ptr.
 * @dataBuff_ptr: The buffer for storing the results.
 * The output of the function is 0 if collection succeeds, or a non-zero
 * error code on failure. 
 int CC_TST_TRNG( unsigned int regBaseAddress,
				  unsigned int TRNGMode,
				  unsigned int roscLength, 
				  unsigned int sampleCount, 
				  unsigned int buffSize, 
				  unsigned int *dataBuff_ptr);			
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