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First characterization iteration

Perform this procedure for each of the characterization test conditions combinations.

For more details, see Table   2-2 Characterization test conditions.

  1. Set up the test operating conditions.
  2. Run CC_TST_TRNG under these conditions with sampleCount values of:
    • First set: SSMP1 = The minimal sampleCount found in Base iteration.
    • Second set: SSMP2 = Ceiling(1.5 * (SSMP1+1)-1).
    • Third set: SSMP3 = Ceiling(1.5 * (SSMP2+1)-1).

    For example, if the minimum value of sampleCount is 8, then run CC_TST_TRNG under each of the 180 conditions with:

    • SMP1=8 in the first set.
    • SMP2=13 in the second set.
    • SMP3=20 in the third set.
  3. Save the results of each test run in the relevant output file that is named according to Output-file names.

Overall, you must run a total of 540 characterization tests: (3 (sample counter values) * 4 (ring oscillator configurations) * 3 (voltages) * 3 (temperatures) * 5 (process corners).

The estimated total time for the characterization procedure is between 16-18 hours: 5 chips * 3 temperature conditions * (30 minutes to set each chip in each temperature condition + [30-40] minutes for running all oscillator, voltage, and sample count combinations in this temperature).

The outcome of this iteration is:

  • A set of four sample count values - one value for each ring oscillator length.
  • A definition of the worst-case corner (voltage/temperature/process) to be used for the second characterization iteration.
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