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Revision history

Table B-1 Issue 00 (v1.0)

Change Location
First release. -

Table B-2 Differences between issue 00 (v1.0) and issue 01 (v1.1)

Change Location
Rebranded template to Arm logo and colors. Entire document.
Product renamed Arm TrustZone® TRNG. Entire document.
DX_TST_TRNG renamed CC_TST_TRNG. Entire document.
Added the following standards:
  • BSI AIS-31: Functionality Classes and Evaluation Methodology for True Random Number Generators
  • NIST SP 90A: Recommendation for Random Number Generation Using Deterministic Random Bit Generators - App C.
Referenced Documents
Added STRNG driver operating mode. ArmTrustZone TRNG Overview
Added STRNG driver to TRNGMode values in CC_TST_TRNG API code block. First Characterization Test Program.
Added STRNG driver. Second Characterization Test Program
Added STRNG driver to TRNGMode values in the Reading Arm TrustZone TRNG Configuration Parameters code block. Arm TrustZone TRNG Configuration Parameters

Table B-3 Differences between issue 01 (v1.1) and issue 02 (v1.2)

Change Location
Renamed TRNG driver modes. Entire document
Minor rephrasing. Arm TrustZone TRNG Overview

Table B-4 Differences between issue 02 (v1.2) and issue 03 (v1.3)

Change Location
Minor correction. Referenced Documents
Rewritten. Introduction
Added chapter. Chapter 1 Overview of Arm® TRNG
Renamed from ARM TrustZone TRNG Overview (added under Overview) and partially rewritten. Arm TrustZone TRNG
Renamed from Characterization Overview, and partially rewritten. RNG Characterization
Merged Characterization High-Level Procedure into it and rewritten. Chapter 2 TRNG characterization procedure
Renamed from Setting the Output Files and partially rewritten. Output-file names
Added the section. Characterization test program
Rewritten. Characterization test conditions
Added the section, including the Finding Minimum Sample Counter Value code block moved from First Characterization Iteration. Base iteration
Removed the section, and moved all its subsections under Characterization Procedure. Characterization Detailed Procedure
Renamed from First Characterization Test Program, replaced first paragraph and removed step 1; partially rewritten. First characterization iteration
Renamed from Second Characterization Test Program, and rewritten. Second characterization iteration
Removed the section. Arm TrustZone TRNG Configuration Parameters

Table B-5 Differences between issue 03 (v1.3) and issue 04 (v1.4)

Change Location
Renamed from Introduction and restructured. Preface

Table B-6 Differences between issue 04 (v1.4) and issue 05

Change Location
Template changes for the current releases. Entire Document

Table B-7 Differences between issue 05 and issue 06

Change Location
Document reclassified as Non-Confidential. Entire document
Minor rephrasing in multiple sections. No technical changes. Entire document
Split content into a new Characterization procedure overview section. No technical changes. Chapter 2 TRNG characterization procedure
Split content into a new CC_TST_TRNG output format section. No technical changes. Appendix A CC_TST_TRNG output

Table B-8 Differences between issue 06 and issue 07

Change Location
Compliance section added. Compliance
Additional information provided in Overview. Chapter 1 Overview of Arm® TRNG
  • Note added before the table.
  • Restart tests iteration added as an additional step.
Characterization procedure overview
Changes made to the procedure. Second characterization iteration
Restart tests iteration section added. Restart tests iteration

Table B-9 Differences between issue 07 and issue 08

Change Location
Updated execution of "Second iteration: Run second set of characterization tests.". Characterization procedure overview
Changes made to the expected outcome of the procedure. First characterization iteration

Table B-10 Differences between issue 08 and issue 09

Change Location
Removed TrustZone from product name Entire document
Updated. Characterization test program
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